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imports registry

Mexican importers shall make the registration in the Importers Registry. This formality is carried out by filling out an electronic application form on the SAT’s web portal.


One of the obligations in charge of those persons or companies who wish to introduce merchandise to Mexico, is the registration in the registry of importers; To do this, it is necessary to be up to date with your tax obligations and prove to the customs authority that you are registered in the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC).


Registration to the Importers Register must be done by Mexican importers, it is a simple and free procedure, which is done by filling out an electronic application within the SAT portal.


To register in the importers registry, the following is necessary:

  • To be current with its tax obligations before the SAT (Tax Administrations Service)

  • To be registered and active in the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC).

  • To be up to date in compliance with tax obligations.

  • Register in electronic format the Customs Agents who will carry out foreign trade operations, in compliance with the obligation set forth in article 59, section III, second paragraph of the Customs Law.

  • Have e.firma (formerly FIEL).

  • The tax address and the taxpayer must be located or in the process of verification.

  • The status of the tax mailbox must be found as "Validated".

  • The SAT publishes the results of the applications through its website, with the use of the e.firma (formerly FIEL) or password. For any clarification, you can request it through the same portal and in case your request has been rejected, you can generate it again, correcting the inconsistencies observed by the SAT staff.

How to register in the list of Mexican importers (Padron de Importadores):

Guide to register in the list of the Mexican importers:

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