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Poultry Producer's Process

The producer shall prove before FSIS that the birds are healthy and free from disease.


When a poultry producer (bird-producing farm) is interested in exporting products to Mexico, the following considerations shall be taken into account:


● To be current with its registration, tax return and tax payment before the US Government (to have a TAX ID).

●To be located in a disease-free state (regarding diseases forbidden in Mexico, for example: Newcastle Disease or Avian Influenza).

● To belong to the National Poultry Improvement Plan; or the exporter must indicate in Block 24 of the FSIS 9060-6 that to show that at least 59 birds –serological tests– were tested for Avian Influenza, using the Double Immunodiffusion Gel Assay (DIGA) or ELISA test in accordance to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) guidelines, and which tested negative for Avian Influenza. In order to know authorized labs to perform such tests, please go to: (this document is being regularly updated).

FSIS shall verify that the farm belongs to NPIP or that 59 serological tests were performed in an authorized laboratory, and the birds are healthy and free from disease.

● To meet Mexico export requirements all products must originate from slaughter plants participating in the NPIP or conducting required AI testing. A list of the NPIP registered chicken slaughter establishmentsturkey slaughter establishments, and commercial waterfowl and upland game bird slaughter plant can be obtained from the APHIS Website. Questions about a listing should be directed to NPIP at (770) 922-3496. 

Chicken slaughter establishments

Turkey slaughter establishments

NPIP: National Poultry Improvement Plan

It is an industry cooperation program at state and federal level through which new diagnostic technology can be applied effectively to improve poultry and poultry products in all the Country. (Address: 1506 Klondike Rd. Suite 101 Conyers, Georgia 30094 phone: 770-922-3496 fax: 770-922-3498).


The Federal Government supervises the NPIP, however, a state agency manages the certification program for each individual State. The Agency managing NPIP certification is usually the Department of Agriculture of that State or a division thereof.


Depending on the location of the farm, the interested party may resort to an official state agent and get specific information necessary to be certified as a Plan’s participant. In order to do this, please click the following link to locate the State where the farm is located:

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