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Phase 05

Procedure to be followed in accordance with the detected inconsistencies.

In the case of imports and depending on the zoosanitary risk, the Secretariat may determine the quarantine guardianship procedure at the expense of the importer and in case of a supervening risk, nullify the issued certification and order the importer the return, conditioning or destruction of regulated goods depending on the animal health risk.

Physical Errors


Incorrect labeling


Errors in certification


Critical defects or physical anomalies of the product


Errors by the Customs Agent


Procedure to Return Rejected Goods to the United States of America.

Return process for products intended for exportation to Mexico certified by FSIS, which have been rejected and returned to the United States. Click on Export Products Return.


Aside from filling out FSIS 9010-1 Application:


"Application for the Return of Exported Products to the United States " (Complete PDF form) and submit by email to the following address:

The applicant shall answer FSIS questions:


1. What is the product condition and its immediate packaging?

2. How long has the product been out of the Country?

3. Where has the product been since it was exported out of the US?

4. Under what conditions has the product been maintained?

5. What has been the ownership chain of the product?

6. Has the product been abandoned any time?

7. Is product labeling in accordance with the US regulations?

8. Product was rejected by a foreign Government, if so, what are the reasons for rejection? A copy of the (rejection) report may be required from the foreign inspection (SENASICA).

9. Is the product in its original packaging?
10. Has the product entered commerce in the foreign country?

11. Are there any food safety concerns associated with the return of this product?

12. What do you plan on doing with the product once it is returned?

If the applicant provides the information above in original, it may accelerate FSIS response to make a decision.

If FSIS accepts the goods to enter the US again, the goods will be subjected to a re-inspection.

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